Cocktail of the Week: Blackberry Bubbler

Blackberry Bubbler This time of year clients and friends are always interested in sparkling cocktails. Sweet, fresh blackberries combined with the earthiness of Campari make this sparkler a sophisticated sip.

Fresh Blackberries
Your favorite Prosecco or Sparkling Wine – approximately 4oz per cocktail
¾ oz Campari

Add Campari and 3 Blackberries to a cocktail shaker and muddle well. Fill ¾ of a champagne flute with Sparkling Wine, top with Blackberry and Campari mixture. Garnish with a Blackberry. Enjoy!
If you prefer a sweeter drink, try a sweeter sparkling wine or add ¼ teaspoon of simple syrup.

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Cocktail of the Week: Purple Pineapple Sangria

Cocktail of the Week: Purple Pineapple Sangria

2 bottles of Dry Red Wine – Traditionalists may want to use a Spanish Rioja but you can use any dry, full-bodied wine. A spicy Syrah or Shiraz pairs nicely with blackberries
8 oz Brandy – Try a Spanish Brandy de Jerez
1 Pint Blackberries
1 ½ cups Fresh Pineapple cut into small pieces
1 Orange sliced and then cut into small pieces – remove seeds while slicing
8 oz Ginger Ale

1 hour (or up to 1 day) ahead, put Blackberries and Pineapple into a large pitcher or beverage dispenser.
Add Brandy and muddle the fruit in the Brandy until the juice and brandy mix to cover the fruit – cover tightly and refrigerate
Before serving, add Wine and Ginger Ale stir and serve over Ice.

Tip: Be sure to cut your fruit in to small pieces. The fruit should be big enough to nibble as you drink but not so big as to fill your glass with one piece or make it difficult to sip