Cocktail of the Week: Dark and Stormy


Cocktail of the Week: Dark and Stormy

Dark and Stormy Specialty Cocktail from Li Halpern EventsFor a refreshing drink on a bright and sunny day, try a Dark and Stormy. This traditionally tropical drink will add some chill to any hot occasion. A delightful excuse to use my favorite copper mugs but also tasty served in a rocks glass.

2oz Dark Rum
Ginger Beer (approximately 6oz)
A large wedge of Fresh Lime

Fill your glass with ice, pour in Rum, top with Ginger Beer and add a big squeeze of Fresh Lime. Stir, sip and enjoy!

What’s ginger beer? Ginger Beer is a fermented beverage made from ginger. Ginger Beer has a deeper flavor, cloudier appearance and frothier pour compared to its sweeter, bubblier carbonated cousin ginger ale.

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