Cocktail of the Week: Kentucky Mule


kentucky-muleCocktail of the Week:  Kentucky Mule

A delicious reason to break out my favorite copper mugs!  While specialty barware is not required, you will want to celebrate this southern sipper!

2oz Maker’s Mark or your favorite Kentucky Bourbon.
Ginger Beer  (4-6oz per cocktail)
Fresh Lime (one half per serving)
2 sprigs of Fresh Mint

You can make this drink right in your mug but to meld the Mint and Lime flavors, I prefer to mix in a shaker.  Place one sprig of Mint in a cocktail shaker and muddle with a muddler or the back of a spoon crushing the leaves to extract flavor.  Roll the Lime on your counter applying pressure to help break the juice capsules inside.  Slice the Lime in half through the middle.  Squeeze ½ of the Lime over the crushed Mint then drop it into your shaker.  Add enough ice to the shaker to fill your glass and top with Maker’s Mark or your choice of Bourbon.  Cover and shake hard.  The ice will help macerate the Lime and Mint further enhancing the flavor.   Pour everything into a copper mug or a chilled glass,  top with Ginger Beer, garnish with Mint.  Sip and enjoy!

What’s ginger beer?  Ginger Beer is a fermented beverage made from ginger.  Ginger Beer has a deeper flavor, cloudier appearance and frothier pour compared to its sweeter, bubblier carbonated cousin ginger ale.

Citrus Tip:  When using lemons, lime or other citrus juice in cocktails or cooking, try microwaving your fruit for 20 – 30 seconds before slicing to aid in bursting the juice capsules inside.

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